The story behind Lean Production Control B.V.

Lean Production Control B.V. is an established business that draws upon a rich history. The company is built on the foundations laid by the partnership between Advidata B.V. and Raukema Bedrijfsprocessen (set up in 1996). The fusion between knowledge and experience gained from various fields of expertise, have led to the development of the LPC software. Business experience, optimisation and ERP-system implementation combined  with the development and implementation of Business Support Systems proved to be the correct building blocks.

Lean Production Control B.V. was founded in 2014 – a logical step considering the international expansion and the growing number of LPC users. In 2015 the two co-founders of LPC B.V., Dick van Elk and Jekele Raukema, passed on the baton to Harm Henderson and Koen Raukema. As shareholders Dick and Jekele remain heavily involved with the business. Together with their support team, Harm and Koen are now safeguarding and ensuring the continuity, development and implementation of LPC.


Dick van Elk, Managing Director Advidata B.V.

Dick started  his career in chemical engineering, but in 1968 made the switch to IT. For the next couple of years he worked as a Systems Engineer for IBM, designing and implementing systems in a technical-scientific environment. In 1973 he started his own business, Advidata B.V., specialising in the development and implementation of business support systems.  Dick also worked as an Account Manager where he was responsible for internal IT projects. In 1978 he introduced the term `Application Architecture’, which defined Information Technology as a tool for supporting business operations. This was a ground-breaking concept at the time. These days IT is here to stay and plays an integral part in most processes, both in offices and on the work floor.


Jekele Raukema B.Eng., Raukema Bedrijfsprocessen Business Owner

Jekele has dedicated his entire career to logistics working for companies such as WIWA and Coopers & Lybrand. In 1986 he took on the role of Logistics Manager at Fuji Photo Film where he took control of the European distribution and managed the build of a European distribution hub.

In 1994 he set up Raukema Business Processes where he offered advice and managed projects on shortening throughput time, simplifying logistics processes, reducing waste, improving quality and saving energy.
The principles and underlying thoughts of ‘Lean Production Control’ are described in the book `Lean Production Control’ written by Jekele Raukema and Dick van Elk. (You can order a copy via the website.)  On behalf of LPC B.V. Jekele will deliver lectures on the subject of Lean & QRM in which he will highlight the underlying thoughts and methodology of Lean Production Control.


Harm Henderson, Technical Director LPC B.V.

Harm knows LPC like the back of his hand.  He developed most of the software when employed at Advidata B.V. As LPC B.V.’s Technical Director he is responsible for the development of LPC.


Koen Raukema, Managing Director LPC B.V.

Koen studied Logistics and during his trainee period at Van Puijenbroek, where he (amongst others) oversaw the first implementation of LPC. When in 2013 Jekele decided to take a step back, Koen became Interim Manager at Raukema Bedrijfsprocessen until he was appointed Managing Director at LPC B.V. in 2015. He is now responsible for the worldwide implementation of LPC.